Forged Tee

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Standard Nut
Product Code Description
AF-FT-1.8 1/8 FPT
AF-FT-1.4 3/16 FPT
AF-FT-1.4-1.8 1/4 FPT
AF-FT-3.8 3/8 FPT
AF-FT-3.8-1.4 3/8FPT X 1/4 FPT
AF-FT-1.2 1/2 FPT
AF-FT-1.2-3.8 1/2 FPT X 3/8 FPT
AF-FT-3.4 13/4 FPT
AF-FT-3.4-1.2 3/4 FPT X 1/2 FPT
AF-FT-3.4-1.2-3.4 3/4 FPT X 1/2 FPT X 3/4 FPT

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